ThreePeats, Tripple Threats and Virgins

Next 24/7: Live Arts, Jan 29, 2011
Next 24/7: Live Arts, Jan 29, 2011

Well, well, well… here we are again, doing 24/7 in Charlottesville for the 3rd year in a row.  Which means, that even though our goal is to have half the faces of our talent fresh each year, we still have an elite crew who have repeated or participated in two different ways.

Look for the Code:

  • 3P – Threepeat
  • TT – Triple Threat
  • NR – New to Role
  • V – Virgin

A ThreePeat is a person, only few exist, who with the 24/7, will have performed in the same role (actor, director or playwright) three times.

A Triple Threat is also rare person who will have, with this 24/7, mastered the three roles of actor, director and playwright.

A “New to Role” means that the person is participating in a way they have not yet before participated.

And, a “Virgin” is a person who has never been in 24/7 before.

24/7 Returns!!

Oh, you better believe it, baby!  Back by overwhelming demand the demand to be overwhelming, Whole Theatre is hosting 24/7 the January.

24/7 Written overnight. Rehearsed all day. Performed once for you.
24/7 Written overnight. Rehearsed all day. Performed once for you.
  • When: January 29, 2011. 7:30 and 10:00 pm.
  • Where: Live Arts, 123 E. Water Street (
  • How: By theatrical magic that creates 7 new plays in 24 hours.
  • What: Ever.

Wanna be involved; wanna see the show(s), well, Stay Tuned, as they say, (or email Ray at for more info.

Ray Directs Live Arts’ Drowsy Chaperone

Stepping out of the Whole Theatre and into the friendly Live Arts Theatre, Ray Nedzel, has directed a wonderful, Virginia Premiere of the Broadway Sensation, The Drowsy Chaperone.

Live Arts - Forging Community and Theatre
Live Arts - Forging Community and Theatre

The Musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, has already one 5 Tony Awards.

This play has it roots in comedy improv, just like Ray.  So it’s a perfect match.  And while, currently, Whole Theatre is not be looking to aquire the rights to a big out of town musical, it’s a perfect show for Live Arts and Ray is happily overwhelmed by all the talent working on this show.

Get tickets here:  or 434-977-4177

From the Director:

OK.  People usually don’t just burst into song. People usually don’t spontaneously dance.  But should they?

Marianne Williamson wrote, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” But more on that later.

The Drowsy Chaperone  is “a musical within a comedy.”  And, really, aren’t we all?  I mean, aren’t we all both a divine comedy and a spectacular sensation waiting to take over.  I mean, life’s a funny thing; but it’s better with music.

And it’s better with dance.  And it’s better with friends.

The Drowsy Chaperone started in Toronto in 1997 as a spoof of 1928 musicals.  It was first performed, in a much shorter skit-like format, as a gift at the bachelor party of Bob Martin.  It was just a bunch of friends, performers and goofballs poking fun at each other and the world of theatre.  Nearly nine  years (and countless rewrites) later, those friends turned that skit into a show, took that show to Broadway, and won five Tony Awards in 2006.

Along the way the show became a gem.  And, I think it did because it’s funny, because it’s very musical, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and because it is full of friends – real and imagined.

The Drowsy Chaperone, as you’ll see it tonight, is still a spoof of musicals (1928, by the way, holds the record for the most Broadway openings).  But it’s also a funny little story of hope.  A little pick me up, for when you’re feeling blue.

What if, what if we had the power to bring our dreams to life?  What if we had the confidence to dance full tilt?  What if we had the strength to look our loved ones in the eyes, and sing?

That, to me, is the American Musical.  And that is powerful beyond measure.

So, as you stumble along, as you walk down the street and see someone burst into song, don’t think to yourself, “that dude must be crazy”; rather, sing out loud. “Climb Every Mountain!” “Dream the Impossible Dream!”

Then, dance!