24/7 Jan. 29, 2011 @ Live Arts

Well, we packed em in again.  And it was a glorious night with 7 wonderful plays created, rehearsed and performed in, you know it, 24 hours.  The Theme was, “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!”  And, here’s the line up:

24-7-2011 Illumination
24-7-2011 Illumination


by Sara Holdren

directed by Jenny Mikulski


Andrew Cronacher, Chris Estey, Jeanette Williams, and Lydia Horan


Pointlessly Over-educated

24-7-2011 Inside Voice
24-7-2011 Inside Voice

Inside Voice

by Larry Goldstein

directed by Kay Leigh Ferguson

starring: Chris Patrick, Miller Susen, and Boomie Pederson


Inside Voice Please

24-7-2011 Critters-a-Twinkle
24-7-2011 Critters-a-Twinkle


by Tyrone Cooper

directed by Matt Joslyn


Lisa Grant and Al Hoover


Twinkle-toes Marathon


Evenflo Comfort Select

by lance Stewart

directed by Brodrick Jones


Andrew Sara Elshelman, Leslie Baskfield, Megan Randall, Bonnie Grubbs, and Micheal Horan


Book, Computer, Diapers

backstage: Who Is Angie
backstage: Who Is Angie

Who is Angie? Or Three Small Women

by Joe Brady

directed by Clinton Johston


Marty Moore, Edwina Herring, and Mendy St. Ours


Middle School Drama

rehearsal: A Stitch in Time
rehearsal: A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time

by Jen Downey

directed by Scott Dunn


Alex Grubbs, Kerry Moran, Randall Wilkerson, and Martyn Kyle


Organization and Procrastination

J. in scene shop - painting a cube
J. in scene shop - painting a cube

Good News Pizza

by Denise Stewart

directed by Stephanie Pistello


Jenny Mead, Kevin O’Donnell, and Chris Baumer


No Waiter Experience

Cry of the New York Debut

Wednesday, March 2nd, at Judson Church’s Bailout Theatre

From Adelind Horan, creator  and performer of this wonderful one woman show:

Cry of the Mountain: A Documentary Play about Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia (my one-woman show) will be making its’ NYC debut with Bailout Theatre at the beautiful Judsen Memorial Church right next to Washington Square Park on Wednesday, March 2nd!

Bail Out Theatre at Judson Church

The coolest part is: get there at 7:30 for a free catered dinner, the show starts at 8 and that’s also FREE!

In case you’re curious, in the show I play 13 real people (activists, coal company executives, scholars, artists, and coalfield residents) using their words verbatim from original interviews. A very cute banjo player accompanies the monologues.

Here. This has a little promo video on it: www.wholetheatre.org/mountain

The show will (hopefully) run about an hour and afterward there will be a talkback with MTR specialists.

In other wonderful news, today the EPA vetoed the largest single mountaintop removal permit in West Virginia history, the Spruce No. 1 Mine!

Yesssss! Get excited! Come learn more about MTR, enjoy free food and theatre, and learn how to help make more of these exciting victories happen! Bring friends!

Actors For 24/7

Actors for the 24/7
Serious Actin' Chops

Hello,  casting directors?   You can’t handle this cast.   How the hell will all this talent fit in one event.

I can’t wait to see in what yet-to-be-written-roles they are randomly cast:

  • Sara Eshelman – 3P
  • Lisa Grant – 3P
  • Boomie Pederson – V
  • Bonnie Grubbs
  • Edwina Herring – V
  • Jeannette Williams -V
  • Jenny Mead – N
  • Marty Moore -V
  • Kerry Moran
  • Leslie M. Baskfeild -V
  • Lydia Horan -V
  • Mendy St. Ours
  • Katy Walker -V
  • Miller Susen – V
  • Megan Randall -V
  • Al Hoover – TT
  • Chris Baumer -3P
  • Chris Estey
  • Alex Grubbs
  • Andrew Cronacher – V
  • Randall Wilkerson – V
  • Kevin O’Donnell – V
  • Michael Horan – V
  • Martyn Kyle – V
  • Chris Patrick – V

ThreePeats, Tripple Threats, and Virgins (new to 24/7).  Codes and definitions here:


Directors Announced

Directors for 24-7, 2011 at Live Arts
Oh, yeah!

Well, spit in your hand, shine your shoes, stand back and look at this crew of directing wonderment for 24/7, Jan., 29 at Live Arts:

Jigsaw Jones – TT
Kay Leigh Ferguson – V
Jenny Mikulski – TT
Stephanie Pistello -V
Clinton Johnston – TT
Scott Dunn – N
Matt Joslyn – V

In the 24/7, we find new talent, tripple threats and threepeats all mixed in together —  like we like it.   See codes here:


24/7 Playwrights Announced

Jan 29, 2011: Playwrights: 24/7
Jan 29, 2011: Playwrights: 24/7

Wham-Bam!  Shing-Ding!  We got a strong playwright line up for this 24/7

Jan. 29th at Live Arts

And the Playwrigths are:

  • Joe Brady – TT
  • Ty Cooper
  • Jen Downey – V
  • Larry Goldstein – N
  • Sara Holdren – TT
  • Denise Stewart – 3P
  • Lance Stewart – V


  • 3P – Threepeat
  • TT – Triple Threat
  • N – New to Role
  • V – Virgin

See more here:  http://wholetheatre.org/2010/12/threepeats-tripple-threats-and-virgins/