Cville Weekly gets CrazyBusy

Andrew Cedermark, Arts Editor for the C-ville Weekly, came to CrazyBusy and got a good, fast, dose of theatrical WTF.

Oh, why are we writing for a writer, here: read his words…. (first 1/3 of full article below).

Full,  Original Article:

Play it 33 times fast:Fast-paced plays help send Cry of the Mountain to Edinburgh


It was a big night. Bobo the Mime walked his invisible dog Pinky for the last time. Two dudes shared an emotional breakthrough while watching a football game on TV. A young widow paid an unpleasant visit to her former mother-in-law’s. A date between two puppies went south after it emerged one was not pure Beagle, as was earlier suggested.


Ray Nedzel directed a show called CrazyBusy—consisting of 33 plays in 55 minutes—last week, a fundraiser to bring Cry of the Mountain, Adelind Horan’s (pictured) one-woman show about mountaintop removal, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe next month.

These were some of the shorts performed at CrazyBusy, a manic theater event hosted last weekend by Whole Theatre at Live Arts. In it, a team of 12 actors performed 33 original two-minute pieces over the course of less than an hour. The performances were a fundraiser for a batch of locals hoping to cover the considerable cost of staging Cry of the Mountain, Adelind Horan’s one-woman documentary play about mountaintop removal, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, next month in Scotland.

As director (and Cry of the Mountain producer) Ray Nedzel explained while introducing CrazyBusy, playwrights generally spend a lot of time writing, and then even more time fielding rejection letters. But in the spirit of the unjuried Edinburgh Fringe—which claims to be the largest arts fest in the world—Nedzel’s call for scripts was, “I don’t care what you write. We’ll do it.”

As must be the case in Edinburgh, you wouldn’t expect to see a string of 33 plays and have them all to be great. But because of its relentless pace, with one scene blending into the next, CrazyBusy remained exciting. For “Show Tunes Urinal,” written by the ensemble, local stage regular Nick Heiderstadt simply walked up to a urinal, unzipped and started singing “Jesus Christ Superstar.” It became an awkward moment as Napoleon Tavale ripped into an intense dramatic short called “Pelican,” by the local playwright Robert Wray.

Full  Original Article:

Cry of the Charlottesville Mountain



Cry of the Mountain — with special guest performances: CrazyBusy* and Pregnant Again!**


Live Arts, Upstage

Dates and Times:

June 23, 24, 25 at 8pm; June 26 at 2:15pm

Ticket Prices:

See it early; see it often: Tickets from $5 to $50 dollars.

A Fundraising Event to send Cry of the Mountain to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • Thursday, 23rd, 8PM, Cry of the Mountain and CrazyBusy:  $5
  • Friday, 24th, 8PM, Cry of the Mountain and CrazyBusy (opening night party): $10
  • Saturday, 25th, 8PM, Cry of the Mountain and CrazyBusy $15 (and **Pregnant Again! The R. Kelly Monologues.  And Party)
  • Sunday, 26th, 2:15PM, CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN, solo, at its Edinburgh Fringe Festival time slot.  A special fundraising show, MTR presentation, discussions with the Artist, and experts on Mountaintop Removal.  Tickets: $25 and $50

* CRAZY/BUSY: 33 plays in 55 minutes.  Written by local writers and performed by local actors.

** Pregnant Again!: The R. Kelly Monologues are R. Kelly lyrics delivered verbatim as performance art monologues — directed by Mendy St. Ours.   Explicit Lyrics Warning.  Explicit Laughter Warning.

Cry of the Mountain is present with generous support from Live Arts.
Live Arts, Forging Theatre and Community.

And with sponsorship from the Piedmont Council for the Arts.
Connect. Engage. Explore. Learn.

Crazy Busy Actors

We, we, we so excited!  We so excited!

Look at this line up of on stage talent.  Actors for CrazyBusy.  Folks who signed up to perform the plays of local playwrights without even knowing what the plays would be.

Oh, and not just one play, 33 plays in 55 minutes.

Wow.  Doff your hats in respect.

Actors for the Crazy Busy

CrazyBusy Actors:

  • Chris Baumer
  • Clair Chandler
  • Nick Heidershadt
  • Edwina Herring
  • Tim Macnamara
  • Marty Moore
  • Julian Oquendo
  • Angela Kay Pirko
  • Sara Shotwell
  • Miller Murray Susen
  • Napoleon Tavale
  • Katy Walker

Crazy Busy Plays June 2011

Well, smack down in the middle of wonderful you’ll find these plays and monologues by 24 locally sourced playwrights.

Crazy Busy: The June 2011 Line up of Plays
Crazy Busy: The June 2011 Line up of Plays

This is the line up, but not necessarily the order for Crazy Busy, June, 2011

  • HUNGER by Angela Pirko
  • EAST SIDE WEST SIDE by Bill Rough
  • BURNT TOAST by Chris Baumer
  • WEIGHTED HANDS by Collier Lumpkin
  • YOUR MOM by Conor Kyle
  • JULIE IN SANTA FE by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
  • MISS UTILITY by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
  • DEATH OF BOOKS by Karen Ratzlaff
  • TRIPLE TALL NO FOAM by Amanda Lewis
  • CUP OF COFFEE by Lance Stewart
  • PINKY’S LAST SHOW by Larry Goldstein
  • DON’T GET OUT MUCH by Mendy St. Ours
  • FLY AWAY by Miller Susen
  • PELICANS by Robert Wray
  • SAMMY by Sara Shotwell
  • SEAL TEAM SEX by Alex Grubbs
  • TAILGATING by Amanda Lewis
  • MEAL PLANNING by Chris Baumer
  • CARRY by Clinton Johnston
  • NEVER THE TWAIN by Elizabeth Feuller
  • DOUBLE STRENGTH by Jenny Mead
  • BOY AND GIRL WITH BOY AND GIRL by Julian Oquendo
  • THE PICK UP ARTIST by Leslie Baskfeild
  • BAD TEETH by Matthew Minnicino
  • FOUR-THREE-LINE PLAYS by the Group
  • MOUTHS OF BABES by Mendy St. Ours
  • THE MAKEOVER by Miller Susen
  • PUPPY LOVE by Peter Gunter
  • HELMET TO HELMET by Ray Nedzel
  • THE QUIZ by Stephen Sossaman