First Day in Edinburgh

Well, we made it….

Yes, one lost bag but that was mainly the fault of JFK Airport and a day later (later that day) it was delivered to our door stop.

Addie on the Royal Mile Day One
Addie on the Royal Mile Day One

We stopped by our leasing agents friend’s art gallery to pick up the keys and made our way to our flat.

Which was nice.

And then we took a walk around Edinburgh until we were beyond tired.  I mean really tired.

Tire, but yes, we are here at the world largest theatre festival.


One Week to Edinburgh

Well, on Saturday, July 30th, we pack up our Appalachian show and take it to the world’s largest theatre festival.  And If the results are anything like the reviews of our 5 show run at the Capital Fringe Festival, we’ll be in Scottish Heaven.

Addie in the Capital Fringe Tent.  Photo by Bud Branch.
Addie in the Capital Fringe Tent. Photo by Bud Branch.

Let me post our reviews here so you can read them if you’d like:

All good.

And we closed the cap fest night on a very hot night in July, with a very hot show, and a very well deserved standing ovation for Addie (and Bud).

Thanks to all who came.

Go to the Capital Fringe.

The you take the high road and I’ll take the low road….




DC Theatre Scene Loves Cry of the Mountain

Cry of the Mountain from the Fringe
Read the Review Here. Cry of the Mountain from the Fringe

The experience of being an audience member can be kind of alienating, caught behind the fourth wall. But every once in awhile along comes a performance that can truly feel intimate, in which a person communicates their ideas to the audience with breathtaking efficacy…. (read more)


Capital Fringe Cry of the Mountain

Capital Fringe Cry of the Mountain
Capital Fringe Cry of the Mountain

“Cry of the Mountain” at the Capital Fringe Festival, 2011

Buy Tickets:​/trs/pr/844515

ADELIND HORAN’S CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN — a documentary play about the people who live with Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia. Conceived and performed by Adelind Horan. Real storie from America’s Coal Fields. At the Capital Fringe Festival.


Saturday July 9 @2:30pm
Tuesday July 12 @ 8pm
Friday July 15 @ 8:30pm
Saturday July 16 @ 4:30pm
Saturday July 23 @ 8pm


607 New York Avenue, NW

Show Information:
To watch video:​untain
To view Press Release and image from this show:​/shows/556-Adelind-Horan–​Whole-Theatre-Cry-of-the-M​ountain.html

One performer, thirteen characters. Verbatim portrayals of real people from interviews conducted by the artist while volunteering with coal related clean up in the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky. Miners, Mining Executives, Scientists, Mountaineers, Hillbillies, Environmentalists, Protestors and more. Bluegrass Music and Homemade Cookies at Every Show!

Cry of the Mountain, Reviews/Quotes:
“It’s like an Anna Deavere Smith show… with a banjo.” – RadioIQ/NPR-Talk
“A fantastic talent.” – The Daily Progress
“Comparisons to the early stage work of John Leguizamo are inevitable.” – C-ville Weekly

Press Contacts:
Laura Gross, Capital Fringe
202-265-5383, c: 202-255-2054

Ebony Dumas, Capital Fringe

Ray Nedzel, Whole Theatre

Adelind is 23, and has been performing since she was 4 – having been raised by actors.
CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN is her second original, documentary-styled one woman show.
Adelind Horan and Ray Nedzel are available for interviews. or 434-249-8444

Mountaintop Removal is the process of blowing up the mountain to get the coal underneath. For more information on Mountaintop Removal, please go