The Garden

Andrew Cronacher and Addie Horan in THE GARDEN by Peter Gunter
Andrew Cronacher and Addie Horan in THE GARDEN by Peter Gunter

Well, it was nothing less than a sell out for Peter Gunter’s new play THE GARDEN at Live Arts last week.  Produced by Ray Nedzel and the NPP — part of what is now Whole Theatre.

A four day run had the audience on it’s feet. Addie Horan and Andrew Cronacher performed the roles of this two character play with high caliber acting – both are destined for theatrical success.

The play had been presented first to the NPP 18 months ago and throughout the following year and a half Peter rewrote it extensively with feedback from every member of the the NPP group and the community of artists and supporters who listened to table readings, staged readings, and open discussions.

All were rewarded by the fine production this July in the Upstage.

If you missed it, sorry. If you saw it, I’m sure you agree.

24-7, February 2009, Live Arts

24-7 Casting from the Hat
That’s the way we cast it — pulling names from a hat.

Twenty-four Seven

Live Arts Theater


Theme: Bittersweetness

Crooked Teeth by Denise Stewart

Directed by Shawnna Pledger

Cast: Steph Finn, Ty Daniels, Ben Jones

Homunculus by Peter Gunter

Directed by Dorothy Kohlligian

CAST: Lisa Grant, David Straughn, Steven Levine

Bitter Greens by Jenny Mikulski

Directed by Sara Holdren

CAST: Kerry Moran, Alex Grubbs

Chapter 11: Indians in the House by Jennifer Hoyt-Tidwell

Directed by Larry Goldstein

CAST: Michael Durland, Chris Baumer

What Else There is to Say by Clinton A. Johnston

Directed by Jenny Mead

CAST: Linda Zuby, Cynthia Burke

Craigslist to Kenya by Al Hoover

Directed by Joe Brady

CAST: Stori Ayers, Leah Gronning, Mark Valahovic, Leo Arico

Sara’s Lament by Robert Wray

Directed by Sam Baker

CAST: Alice Reed, Josephine Stewart, Sara Eshleman

The Crew:

Technical Director:Will Slusher

Sound Design: Lawrence Levine

Costume Design: Tricia Emlett

Lights: Scott Dunn

Concessions and Box Office: Charlotte Drummond, Ernie Reed

Stage Manager/ Props: Kristin Wenger

Producer/Host: Ray Nedzel


Gabe Silverman, Lisa Greene, Rick Davis, Kay Leigh Ferguson, Chris Patrick, Lighthouse Studios, Live Arts Staff