Playwrights for next 24/7

24/7 Playwrights
24/7 Playwrights

We have a wonderful line up of playwrights for the next 24/7.

In keeping with our goal of including new, fresh and downright freakin’ great talent, the scribes for Feb 13 are:

7 playwrights

  • Ty Cooper **
  • Scott Dunn *
  • Brodrick Jones *
  • Laura Nessler **
  • John Owen **
  • Denise Stewart
  • Kristina Nell Weaver **

[ * new to 24/7 in this category.  ** 24/7 virgin ]

This event will be held at Live Arts, on the downstage, February 13, 2010 at 7:30 and 10pm.

24-7, February 2009, Live Arts

24-7 Casting from the Hat
That’s the way we cast it — pulling names from a hat.

Twenty-four Seven

Live Arts Theater


Theme: Bittersweetness

Crooked Teeth by Denise Stewart

Directed by Shawnna Pledger

Cast: Steph Finn, Ty Daniels, Ben Jones

Homunculus by Peter Gunter

Directed by Dorothy Kohlligian

CAST: Lisa Grant, David Straughn, Steven Levine

Bitter Greens by Jenny Mikulski

Directed by Sara Holdren

CAST: Kerry Moran, Alex Grubbs

Chapter 11: Indians in the House by Jennifer Hoyt-Tidwell

Directed by Larry Goldstein

CAST: Michael Durland, Chris Baumer

What Else There is to Say by Clinton A. Johnston

Directed by Jenny Mead

CAST: Linda Zuby, Cynthia Burke

Craigslist to Kenya by Al Hoover

Directed by Joe Brady

CAST: Stori Ayers, Leah Gronning, Mark Valahovic, Leo Arico

Sara’s Lament by Robert Wray

Directed by Sam Baker

CAST: Alice Reed, Josephine Stewart, Sara Eshleman

The Crew:

Technical Director:Will Slusher

Sound Design: Lawrence Levine

Costume Design: Tricia Emlett

Lights: Scott Dunn

Concessions and Box Office: Charlotte Drummond, Ernie Reed

Stage Manager/ Props: Kristin Wenger

Producer/Host: Ray Nedzel


Gabe Silverman, Lisa Greene, Rick Davis, Kay Leigh Ferguson, Chris Patrick, Lighthouse Studios, Live Arts Staff