FAITH: The Gospel According to George Michael

FAITH: The Gospel According to George Michael is a parody of American Televangelism using George Michael’s lyrics as scripture, personal stories as testimony, karaoke as hymns, and a dash of 1980s faith healing.

FAITH features Dr. Rev. Johnny Goodlove and his 1980s-style televangelism bringing you hope, love and faith with readings from the gospel (the album), sing-a-longs, testifying, healing, storytelling, call and responses — and his personal journey to accepting George Michael as his personal lord and savior.

Is there faith? What is faith? Who needs faith? Dr. Rev. Goodlove preaches and teaches that all the answers you need can be found in the lyrics of the 1987 Grammy Award Winning, Platinum Selling, and Breakout Solo Album FAITH by Wham! co-founder George Michael.