24/7 2014 Playwrights

24-7-2014-playwrightsWell, kick me in the head and wake me up from a feverish sleep!   Because I must be dreaming.  Look at this talented line up of playwrights for 24/7.

And here’s the straw for your back, Mr. Camel.  6 of the 7 are 24/7 virgins.  And Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell re-joins the fun after a legendary play and a five year break. Cathy Finn-Derecki

  • Elizabeth Derby
  • Cathy Finn-Derecki
  • Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
  • Kisha Jarrett
  • Sean Michael McCord
  • Jenny Mead
  • Jackson Wolford

OK, I’m awake.  And I can’t wait for 24/7 2014.

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