24/7 2015 Crew

  • 24-7-2015-crewProducer: Ray Nedzel
  • Stage Manager: Kristin Wenger
  • Assistant Director: Chris Baumer
  • ASM: Daryl Bray
  • TD for the Day: Will Slusher
  • Lights: Heather Hutton
  • Light Assist/spot op: Roman Cybak
  • Light Op: Heather Hutton
  • Sound Design: Wren Curtis
  • Sound Design: Felipe Ferro
  • Costumes: Amy Goffman
  • Costumes: Linda Zuby
  • Costume Assistant: Julie Mignosa
  • Props Master: Tracie Skipper
  • Head Running Crew: Fareine Suarez
  • Running Crew: Sarah Cain
  • House Manager: Charlotte Drummond
  • Box Office: Ernie Reed
  • Usher: Cathe Comer
  • Usher: Tom Raney
  • Usher: Alan Farr
  • Concessions: Melissa Wender


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