24/7 2015 Directors

This town has the great directors all over it.  But sometimes they’re busy, or hidden, or in high demand.  It’s like a scavenger hunt to find them and lock them in while they still have availability.

We are pack rats.  Or squirrels.  Or hunter-gatherer-types-of-gun-free-amerian-artists.  Anyway, look what we found.  Charlottesville’s hottest director list.  Each and everyone has (voluntarily) signed on for 24/7 2015 at Live Arts.

24/7 2015 Directors (alphabetically by first name):

  • 24-7-2015-directorsBryan Garey
  • Edward Warwick-White
  • Erica Arvold
  • Jasmine Witmer
  • Kate Bennis
  • Marty Moore
  • Mary Burruss

5 women, 2 men.  That’s right.  The secret is out.

Get your tickets now (this will sell out) at www.livearts.org


3 thoughts on “24/7 2015 Directors”

  1. Obviously this list is not in order- either alphabetical or of importance- though it is quite an important list. 😉

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