24/7 – 2015 – Welcome Home

Our seventh year did everything but disappoint. We had 7 great plays, directed with precision, and acted with brilliance.

Theme: Welcome Home

The Plays:

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7280-011A Space Odyssey Named Disaster

by Alex Rafala
dir by Erica Arvold
(inspiration: painful)


  • Mary Coy
  • Misty Vrendenburg
  • Kate Lambert

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7291-017We have Finally Taken Action

by Kay Leigh Ferguson
dir by Marty Moore
(inspiration: laughter)


  • Carolyn Demanelis
  • Amanda Watson
  • Anders Coe
  • Rodney Umble

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7300-024Hell Is Other People

by Miller Murray Susen
dir by Bryan Garey
(inspiration: appendix)


  • Lee Susen
  • Jacqueline Ford
  • Dinah Pehrson
  • Martyn Kyle
  • Kathleen Mueller
  • Rodney Umble
  • Trina Candia

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7325-040Free Range

by Joel Jones
dir by Chris Estey
(inspiration: disco)


  • Joseph Bromfield
  • Mariko Schaper
  • Trina Candia

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7363-066Dancin’ Dirty

by Robert Wray
dir by Mary Burruss
(inspiration: bitch)


  • Ike Anderson
  • Michael Swanberg
  • Marshall Camden
  • Rodney Umble

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7389-084Sea Shanty

by Kate Monaghan
dir by Kate Bennis
(inspiration: unsightly)


  • Flavia Ruffner
  • Laura Mawyer
  • Johnny Butcher
  • Trina Candia
  • Roger Ainslie

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7402-092Fun & Games

by Kisha Jarrett
dir by Edward Warwick-White
(inspiration: dance-like)


  • Jaime Kurtz
  • Rose Harper
  • Sean Chandler
  • Derick Williams
  • Sean Michael McCord

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7353-060With Special Guests: The Tip-Top Twins

  • Tina
  • Tammy

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