24/7 Thank You Poem

How did a bastard orphan whore of a show,
In 24 hours become more of a show?

Well, Mark and Mark brought a new level of caring
On a VHS tape with intimacy sharing
And the Village People were old but not insane
`Cause they picked up pills with their extended grip cane

Then Gutsy Augusta with Matt as a white horse
Turned a Greek Goddess into a modern golf course
While a sterile stud shared everybody’s bed
‘Til Mad Maxine left everybody dead!

Like Olivia Newton-John, she was dead for sure
Until she came back to life for the reunion tour!
Yes, a Has Been intervention? You might well despise.
But how `bout backseat sex to the smell of french fries?
So, what do you want for breakfast? – and please do not ramble
I like Lactaid; and I like my eggs Scrambled!

Talent on stage and is just one part of two
Because we also had the most fantastic crew
The costumes, lights, and sound – the team was tops, you see,
We got to give props to all the amazing properties.

In 24 hours of artistic toe-to-toe,
7 new plays! `Cause we can’t be stopped by snow!
24 hours – you made one amazing show!
It’s 24/7! And, if you don’t know; now you know!


Photos by Kathleen (part 1 of 2): https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByHX5yYtIRKxZ1BlblhxUFd6YVU&usp=sharing

Photos by Kathleen (part 2 of 2): https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByHX5yYtIRKxZTl0SUZrb2YtU2s&usp=sharing


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