Capital Fringe Cry of the Mountain

Capital Fringe Cry of the Mountain
Capital Fringe Cry of the Mountain

“Cry of the Mountain” at the Capital Fringe Festival, 2011

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ADELIND HORAN’S CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN — a documentary play about the people who live with Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia. Conceived and performed by Adelind Horan. Real storie from America’s Coal Fields. At the Capital Fringe Festival.


Saturday July 9 @2:30pm
Tuesday July 12 @ 8pm
Friday July 15 @ 8:30pm
Saturday July 16 @ 4:30pm
Saturday July 23 @ 8pm


607 New York Avenue, NW

Show Information:
To watch video:​untain
To view Press Release and image from this show:​/shows/556-Adelind-Horan–​Whole-Theatre-Cry-of-the-M​ountain.html

One performer, thirteen characters. Verbatim portrayals of real people from interviews conducted by the artist while volunteering with coal related clean up in the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky. Miners, Mining Executives, Scientists, Mountaineers, Hillbillies, Environmentalists, Protestors and more. Bluegrass Music and Homemade Cookies at Every Show!

Cry of the Mountain, Reviews/Quotes:
“It’s like an Anna Deavere Smith show… with a banjo.” – RadioIQ/NPR-Talk
“A fantastic talent.” – The Daily Progress
“Comparisons to the early stage work of John Leguizamo are inevitable.” – C-ville Weekly

Press Contacts:
Laura Gross, Capital Fringe
202-265-5383, c: 202-255-2054

Ebony Dumas, Capital Fringe

Ray Nedzel, Whole Theatre

Adelind is 23, and has been performing since she was 4 – having been raised by actors.
CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN is her second original, documentary-styled one woman show.
Adelind Horan and Ray Nedzel are available for interviews. or 434-249-8444

Mountaintop Removal is the process of blowing up the mountain to get the coal underneath. For more information on Mountaintop Removal, please go

Cville Weekly gets CrazyBusy

Andrew Cedermark, Arts Editor for the C-ville Weekly, came to CrazyBusy and got a good, fast, dose of theatrical WTF.

Oh, why are we writing for a writer, here: read his words…. (first 1/3 of full article below).

Full,  Original Article:

Play it 33 times fast:Fast-paced plays help send Cry of the Mountain to Edinburgh


It was a big night. Bobo the Mime walked his invisible dog Pinky for the last time. Two dudes shared an emotional breakthrough while watching a football game on TV. A young widow paid an unpleasant visit to her former mother-in-law’s. A date between two puppies went south after it emerged one was not pure Beagle, as was earlier suggested.


Ray Nedzel directed a show called CrazyBusy—consisting of 33 plays in 55 minutes—last week, a fundraiser to bring Cry of the Mountain, Adelind Horan’s (pictured) one-woman show about mountaintop removal, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe next month.

These were some of the shorts performed at CrazyBusy, a manic theater event hosted last weekend by Whole Theatre at Live Arts. In it, a team of 12 actors performed 33 original two-minute pieces over the course of less than an hour. The performances were a fundraiser for a batch of locals hoping to cover the considerable cost of staging Cry of the Mountain, Adelind Horan’s one-woman documentary play about mountaintop removal, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, next month in Scotland.

As director (and Cry of the Mountain producer) Ray Nedzel explained while introducing CrazyBusy, playwrights generally spend a lot of time writing, and then even more time fielding rejection letters. But in the spirit of the unjuried Edinburgh Fringe—which claims to be the largest arts fest in the world—Nedzel’s call for scripts was, “I don’t care what you write. We’ll do it.”

As must be the case in Edinburgh, you wouldn’t expect to see a string of 33 plays and have them all to be great. But because of its relentless pace, with one scene blending into the next, CrazyBusy remained exciting. For “Show Tunes Urinal,” written by the ensemble, local stage regular Nick Heiderstadt simply walked up to a urinal, unzipped and started singing “Jesus Christ Superstar.” It became an awkward moment as Napoleon Tavale ripped into an intense dramatic short called “Pelican,” by the local playwright Robert Wray.

Full  Original Article:

Cry of the Charlottesville Mountain



Cry of the Mountain — with special guest performances: CrazyBusy* and Pregnant Again!**


Live Arts, Upstage

Dates and Times:

June 23, 24, 25 at 8pm; June 26 at 2:15pm

Ticket Prices:

See it early; see it often: Tickets from $5 to $50 dollars.

A Fundraising Event to send Cry of the Mountain to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

  • Thursday, 23rd, 8PM, Cry of the Mountain and CrazyBusy:  $5
  • Friday, 24th, 8PM, Cry of the Mountain and CrazyBusy (opening night party): $10
  • Saturday, 25th, 8PM, Cry of the Mountain and CrazyBusy $15 (and **Pregnant Again! The R. Kelly Monologues.  And Party)
  • Sunday, 26th, 2:15PM, CRY OF THE MOUNTAIN, solo, at its Edinburgh Fringe Festival time slot.  A special fundraising show, MTR presentation, discussions with the Artist, and experts on Mountaintop Removal.  Tickets: $25 and $50

* CRAZY/BUSY: 33 plays in 55 minutes.  Written by local writers and performed by local actors.

** Pregnant Again!: The R. Kelly Monologues are R. Kelly lyrics delivered verbatim as performance art monologues — directed by Mendy St. Ours.   Explicit Lyrics Warning.  Explicit Laughter Warning.

Cry of the Mountain is present with generous support from Live Arts.
Live Arts, Forging Theatre and Community.

And with sponsorship from the Piedmont Council for the Arts.
Connect. Engage. Explore. Learn.

Capital Fringe Dates for Mountain Announced

2011 Capital Fringe Festival
2011 Capital Fringe Festival

Venue:  Fort Fringe – The Shop

607 New York Ave NW,  Washington, DC
  • Saturday July 9 @ 2:30pm
  • Tuesday July 12 @ 8pm
  • Friday July 15 @ 8:30pm
  • Saturday July 16 @ 4:30pm
  • Saturday July 23 @ 8pm

See you there.

Cry of the Mountain at the Capital Fringe.



Lynchburg’s Best Kept Secrets – Exposed


Food, wine, live music, and theatre. A perfect combination.

Summer is approaching in Virginia, and with it comes the return of a unique annual event that until now has remained a secret to some, but a favorite to many. Located amidst the picturesque Sweet Briar College campus, Endstation Theatre Company’s Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival offers a summer-long schedule of innovative dramatic productions and outdoor theatrical fun. Whether you are a musical theatre junkie, a parent with kids to enrich and entertain, or a lover of food and wine, the festival offers events to please your palate.

This seasons’s events will be kicked-off with the benefit concert Broadway in the Blue Ridge on May 22 featuring Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera star Sean MacLaughlin. Virginia native and now Raoul in Phantom at the Majestic Theater, Sean comes to Sweet Briar to perform songs from Broadway classics alongside members of the Endstation cast of Assassins, as well as EC Glass High School’s own Phantom production. It is sure to be an exciting night filled with talent and surprises. Read more about Sean in his latest Playbill Article.

Full Article Here:

The second festival production, Whole Theatre’s Cry of the Mountain, is an original piece that tackles the issue of mountaintop coal removal in Appalachian coal country. Accompanied by live music, creator Adelind Horan performs pieces constructed from interviews with individuals whose lives are affected in some way by coal removal. June 9 – 11 @7pm, June 12 @ 2pm



Packed the House at Judson Church

Adelind Horan performing in front of the stained glass windows of Judson Church in NYC
Adelind Horan performing in front of the stained glass windows of Judson Church in NYC

Cry of the Mountain and Adelind Horan packed the house at Judson Church in Greenwich Village tonight.

The crowd loved it.

And even though the big church can both swallow and echo sound, the audience, over 100 (more than expected, so we had to add extra rows in front), anyway, the audience stayed focused on each character be brought to live so well.

Another standing ovation, for the show and the talent, and the message of the play — the people who it represents.

After the show for those interested, Adelind and Annalyse McCoy held a informative and often person discussion about the play, the process, and Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia.

Thank you, Annalyse, for bringing you Kentucky childhood to our post show community.

Annalyse was the artists’ organizer for Appalachia Rising and is now living in NY.  She is a musician — her bank is called, “Two-Thirds Goat.”  Take a listen here:

Cry Mountain at Bailout, Judson Church, NYC

Well, get ready for it NY.  13 Characters and a banjo.  This is our first performance in the apple, and our first shot at tightening the show from 90 minutes to our more Festival Friendly 60 minutes version, for this summer.

  • Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 7:30
  • Judson Church, Bailout Theatre

Plus, oh, yeah, check it out, Judson is offering free dinner.

Cry of the Captial Fringe

Capital Fringe - it is where you belong
Capital Fringe - it is where you belong

Adelind Horan’s Cry of the Mountain has just be accepted into wonderfully diverse Capital Fringe Festival in July, 2011.

We are very happy for Addie and the show, and for raising the awareness of Mountaintop Removal through what we do best – Theatre!

Tickets not on sale yet, but we’ll let you know.

And we’ll sponsor a bus/van/or two to the festival in DC this summer.

Cry of the New York Debut

Wednesday, March 2nd, at Judson Church’s Bailout Theatre

From Adelind Horan, creator  and performer of this wonderful one woman show:

Cry of the Mountain: A Documentary Play about Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia (my one-woman show) will be making its’ NYC debut with Bailout Theatre at the beautiful Judsen Memorial Church right next to Washington Square Park on Wednesday, March 2nd!

Bail Out Theatre at Judson Church

The coolest part is: get there at 7:30 for a free catered dinner, the show starts at 8 and that’s also FREE!

In case you’re curious, in the show I play 13 real people (activists, coal company executives, scholars, artists, and coalfield residents) using their words verbatim from original interviews. A very cute banjo player accompanies the monologues.

Here. This has a little promo video on it:

The show will (hopefully) run about an hour and afterward there will be a talkback with MTR specialists.

In other wonderful news, today the EPA vetoed the largest single mountaintop removal permit in West Virginia history, the Spruce No. 1 Mine!

Yesssss! Get excited! Come learn more about MTR, enjoy free food and theatre, and learn how to help make more of these exciting victories happen! Bring friends!