Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival 2011

Cry of the Mountain in the Blue Ridge Summer Theatre Festival 2011.

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Good Good Trouble on Bad Bad Island
Written by Josh Mikel

June 1-5
Babcock Theatre, Sweet Briar College
Written for young audiences by Endstation’s resident playwright, Josh Mikel, this original play debuted at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2010 and is coming into a school near you. A bad, bad Idol challenges good, good Rosa with a series of impossible tasks — but what happens when she starts doing the impossible?! This wildly inventive adventure finds that sometimes family and good goodness can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Cry of the Mountain
Created by Adelind Horan

June 9-12
Babcock Gallery, Sweet Briar College
Endstation is proud to host Charlottesville’s Whole Theatre and their original production of Cry of the Mountain. This one-woman show, which was conceived and is performed by the talented Adelind Horan, tackles the complex issue of mountaintop coal removal in the Appalachian Mountains. Accompanied by live music, Adelind potrays 13 individuals impacted by mountaintop coal removal that she personally interviewed in Appalachian coal country.

Book by John Weidman
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

June 22 – July 3
Babcock Theatre, Sweet Briar College
This most American of musicals lays bare the lives of nine infamous historical figures, who forged their way into our history books for their assassinations (or attempted assassinations) of some of our American presidents. Assassins explores the American experience in profound and startling ways, with a musical score by one of the most accomplished musical theatre composers, Stephen Sondheim.

Twelfth Night
Written by William Shakespeare

July 9 -24
Sweet Briar College Grounds
Commonly regarded as Shakespeare’s best comedy, this hysterical play is filled with mistaken identities, romance, and a little cross-dressing. Endstation will stage this hilarious comedy at Sweet Briar’s old train station, utilizing a stunning mountain vista as its backdrop. Each night, audiences will enjoy a beautiful sunset while watching the tale unfold.

Radio IQ interview

Sandy Hausman's back as she prepares to interview Addie (and Bud Branch on the Banjo)
Sandy Hausman's back as she prepares to interview Addie (and Bud Branch on the Banjo)

Do you hear it this morning.  If you missed it, listen to Weekend Virginia this weekend.

Listen Here:

Addie and Ray were interviewed by Sandy Hausman ( Charlottesville Offices of Radio IQ/NPR) for a news segment during the week and a short feature peice for Weekend Virginia.

Nancy set this up.  Thanks, Nancy.

We had some wonderful banjo back up by Bud Branch.   more here:

Oh, yes, when it airs it, when the interview is posted; we’ll link it here.

See you at the Hamner shows this weekend.

More Mountain at the Hamner

More shows in September at the Hamner Theatre
More shows in September at the Hamner Theatre

Cry of the Mountain.

Yes, yes, and yes.  3 more shows at the Hamner Theatre in Nelson County.

  • Friday, September 17 @ 8pm
  • Saturday, September 18 @ 8pm
  • Sunday, September 19 @ 2pm

Get you tickets now.  The Hamner Theatre Box Office: 434-361-1999

The weekend before check out Performers Exchange Project in their wonderful show, Our American Anne Sisters.  (more info here).

More Shows Promised

Oh, no you didn't.
Oh, no you didn't.

July was fun.   A freakin’ total sell out.  Each show in July sold out.  Even the extra show added, sold out.

Well, we know we’re not Dave Matthews, but we also understand that more shows are required.  So, look for  in September, most likely at the Hamner Theatre and maybe elsewhere too.

What can you do now?  go to is a good start.

Go see, 13 at Live Arts; go see Alice in Wonderland at Four County Players; go see the cabarets and other things at The Hamner Theatre; and get ready for Yankee Tavern at Play On.

Thanks for coming to the show.

Watch the video preview here!

Learn more about mountaintop removal here:

More info about show:

If Mountains be the food of Love… Play On!

Click here to go to Play On!
Click here to go to Play On!

Here’s the deal.  Go to Play On! now, and get tickets.

Because this is the last show of the summer and if you miss it, and all your cool friends are talking about it, all you will be able to say, is oh, yeah, I really wanted to go to see that show, but i didn’t get tickets and then every show was sold out and I’m so bummed.

Great time to get tix for other upcoming shows at Play On too:

  • Yankee Tavern
  • No Sex Please, We’re British
  • Some great Stand-up Comedy

Kindly reminding you to do it.

Horan’s Simple Triumph – c-ville weekly review

Cry of the Mountain Press Photo 002
Read the review in the C-ville.

Oh, wait, it IS the sleeper hit of the season.  Why.  Well…

“Here we have simple, engrossing theater in the form of a one-woman performance…”

“That which comes from the heart goes to the heart.”

quoting Cris Edwards who is quoting David Mamet who may have been quoting Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

BTW, I like a review with the word “bullshit” in the first sentence.

Read it in C-ville Weekly

Get tickets for Hamner Now

before writing the waltons, earl hamner was drafted in 1943
before writing the waltons, earl hamner was drafted in 1943

Well, we can’t say for sure, yet; but since the first two shows have sold out, even after squeezin’ in more chairs…. we’d recommend gettin’ your Hamner tickets now.  Click the image to the right.

And today, July 10th, is Earl Hamner’s birthday.

Rock on Nelson County!  Save the Mountains.

First Cry of the Mountain show sells out

Four County Players, July 8th, Cry of the Mountain
Four County Players, July 8th, Cry of the Mountain

Well, even after adding extra chairs in the Live Arts upstage we were turning people away at the door.  There’s only so many seats you can add, you know.  So, FYI, FWIW, IMHO, get tickets for Four County Players now:

Go here for more info or call: 540-832-5355.

Rock on, sister.