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Mary Alice Blackwell writes about the show and Addie in the Daily Progress

Almost every week you can read about a play at Live Arts, or Four County, or the Hamner Theater, or Play On.

Well, this is the story of one play at all four venues.

Adelind Horan, better known as Addie, is making a mini-tour of local theaters with her brand-new one-woman show.

Presented by Whole Theatre, “Cry of the Mountain,” is a documentary play about mountaintop removal in Appalachia. Horan conceived and crafted the work and will perform it every Thursday in July…. [more]

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Dates of the Mountain

Production Dates are all set for:

draft of poster for cry of the mountain
Draft poster for cry of the mountain.

Cry of the Mountain: A Documentary Play about Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia.

Thursdays in July:

  • July 1 — Live Arts
  • July 8 — Four County Players
  • July 15 — The Hamner Theatre
  • July 22 — Live Arts
  • July 29 — Play On! Theatre

Now we can lock in the poster, press kits and subject matter experts.

Cry of the Mountain: This July

Cry of the Mountian
Adelind Horan portrays 13 real characters in her one woman show, Cry of the Mountain.

Cry of the Mountain:

A documentary play about Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia.

Conceived and performed by Adelind Horan

Coming this July to a theatre near you (a live theatre near you [this is a play])

Oh, and its for a good cause, and since its for a good cause, we are donating at least 30% of all ticket sales to groups working to stop mountaintop removal.

Learn more about mountaintop removal here:

More info about show: