Announcing FAITH: The Gospel According to George Michael

FAITH: The Gospel According to George Michael is in development for performances in the spring, summer, and fall of 2020.

FAITH features Dr. Rev. Johnny Goodlove and his 1980s-style televangelism bringing you hope, love and faith with readings from the gospel (the album), sing-a-longs, testifying, healing, storytelling, call and responses — and his personal journey to accepting George Michael as his personal lord and savor.

Is there faith? What is faith? Who needs faith? Dr. Rev. Goodlove preaches and teaches that all the answers you need can be found in the lyrics of the 1987 Grammy Award Winning, Platinum Selling, and Breakout Solo Album FAITH by Wham! co-founder George Michael.

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Directors for 24/7 2014

24-7-2014-directorsYou know these wonderful short plays of 24/7 just don’t direct themselves.  It takes a village — it takes a C-village.

But most of all it takes directors.  Directors who can pull a script (and cast) out of a hat in the morning and deliver a full theatrical production in the evening.

Here are our 24/7 2014 directors.  We are in good hands.

  • Kate Bennis
  • Bergen Goesch
  • Shawn Hirabayashi
  • Chris Kelly
  • Barbara Roberts
  • Geri Carlson Sauls
  • Miller Murray Susen

Let the challenge begin.  Well, begin on Jan 25, 2014 in the Gibson Theatre at Live Arts, that is.

Actors: 24/7 2013

What a freakin line up a talent.  Read em and weep.  The come see them on stage on Jan, 19, 2013 in the 5th annual, yet always new 27/7:

  • 24-7 Actors 2013Abigail Wiebe
  • Marija Reiff
  • Mary Burruss
  • Barbara Roberts
  • Amy Barrick
  • Marty Moore
  • Normajean Hultman
  • Sarah Edwards
  • Christina Ball
  • Jen Downey
  • Edwina Herring
  • Kate Tooley
  • Kate Bennis
  • Sara Shotwell
  • Michelle Majorin
  • Geri Schirmer
  • Emily Vere Nicoll
  • Daniel Prillaman
  • Robert Wray
  • Phil Horne
  • Jude Silvera
  • Ike Anderson
  • Mitch Voss
  • Brad Fraizer
  • Nick Heiderstadt
  • Brandon Lee
  • David Hopper

Go buy tickets soon, this show always sells out…


Directors: 24/7 2013

24-7 Directors

The toughest job of the lot:  Director.  It scares the timid — how can one direct a play in 10 hours?  But it excites the adventuous and talented.  And boy, oh, boy do we have some adventuours talent here.

The Directors for 24/7 2013 are:

  • Natalie Dieter
  • Chris Estey
  • Mike Long
  • Sean McCord
  • Chris Patrick
  • Boomie Pederson
  • Betsy Tucker
I got a feeling that this nights gonna be a good good night!

Find out more, and how we do it here >>

24/7 2013 Playwrights

24-7 PlaywrightsOh, here we go, here we go, here we go again…  7 new playwrights.  All of them are 24/7 playwright virgins, though many of them are veteran playwrights (including the most prolific short play writer in Charlottesville).  You know you wanna come see the work that starts here:

  • Peter Coy
  • Doug Grissom
  • Phil Hurst
  • Joel Jones
  • Browning Porter
  • Royal Shiree
  • Miller Murray Susen

Very happy to have all that talent being poured into 7 brand-spanking-new plays…

Come see the results on Jan 19, 2013 at Live Arts.

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