Crazy Busy Playwrights Announced

Oh, my, oh, my….

We are still sorting through and ordering all of the plays that were submitted, but we can tell you, with full certainty, that the playwrights represented in this Crazy Busy Summer 2011 are some of the finest playwrights in Jefferson’s Virginia.

Rock on and read this list of scriptwriting gorgeousness:

  • Playwrights for Crazy/Busy Summer 2011Alex Grubbs
  • Amanda Lewis
  • Angela Pirko
  • Bill Rough
  • Chris Baumer
  • Clinton Johnston
  • Collier Lumpkin
  • Conor Kyle
  • Elizabeth Fuller
  • Jennifer Tidwell
  • Jenny Mead
  • Julian Oquendo
  • Karen Ratzlaff
  • Kevin ODonnell
  • Lance Stewart
  • Larry Goldstein
  • Leslie Baskfeild
  • Matthew Minnicino
  • Mendy St. Ours
  • Miller Susen
  • Peter Gunter
  • Ray Nedzel (what?  how’d he get a play in the mix?)
  • Robert Wray
  • Sara Shotwell
  • Stephen Sossaman
  • Ty Cooper (sorry, alphabetical by first name.)

Looking to get in,  we still have a few actor slots and crew positions open.  Get a hold a ray at


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