Directors Announced: 24/7: Live Arts, January 28, 2012

Here’s the directorial line up for January 28, 2012 at Live Arts.

Now, this is some good direction.  This line up is like a GPS meets Google Maps meets a Garmin.

Wait, a Garmin is a GPS.  Well, you get the point.

From first time director to the most prolific director in Virginia, you’re in for an exciting trip.

  • Directors for 24/7 at Live Arts, January 28, 2012John Holdren – v
  • Dorothy Kohlligian
  • Kerry Moran – v
  • Gary White – v
  • Tracie Skipper – v
  • Marianne Kubik
  • Fran Smith – v

Yeah, that’s right, Fran Smith.

v = virgin = first time directing for 24/7.


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