Technical Artists: 24/7 2013

Far be it from us to allow the off stage talent to be the unsong heros.  The crew, in 24/7, makes the performances apprear magic — how did they do all that in one day.  How?  Even I don’t know all the secrets….  But here are the magicians for 24/7 2013:

  • 24-7 technical artists - the crewStage Manager: Kristin Wenger
  • Assistant Director: Denise Stewart
  • ASM: Morgan Brophy
  • TD for the Day: James Harte
  • Light Designer:  Heather Hutton
  • Light Assist: Dale Marshall
  • Light Boar Operator: Bob Button
  • Sound Designer and Operator: Peter Fish
  • Costumes Goddesses: Amy Goffman and Linda Zuby
  • Costume Assistant: Julie Mignosa, Kristen Heiderstadt
  • Props Master: Tracie Skipper
  • Running Crew: Kathleen Muller, Daniel Neale, Will Barnhardt
  • Box Office Manager: Charlotte Drummond
  • House Manager: Anna Talbot
  • Ushers: Michael Swanberg, Tome Raney, Mike Usitica
  • Concessions: Si Becker, Ruth Becker, Matt Muccia
  • Understudies: Peter Gunter and Rose Harper

The Band:

  • Gray White
  • Edward Warwick
  • Don Gaylord
  • Kip McCharen
  • Cristan Keighley
  • Alli Villines
  • Kristen Heiderstadt
All and all, there’s an unbelievable amount of talent off-stage and on that make 24/7 happen.  Do you believe it?  No, it’s UNbelievable.

Come check it out, Jan. 19, 2013.


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