The Sugar at Live Arts

BIRCH presents:

sugar-jar-at-live-artsTHE SUGAR at Live Arts (go now)

by Denise Stewart; directed by Ray Nedzel

Denise is a three time 24/7 playwright; and the writer and performer of Dirty Barbie and other girlhood tales.

Synopsis of THE SUGAR:  Sally Dawson is on a sugar fast.  She picked the wrong month to give up a vice as her freeloading younger brother re-appears on her doorstep wanting to challenge her work as a Wellness Coach and mocking her newly acquired podcast.  As a national headline-making trial unfolds in the town around her, Sally focuses on herself and her clients.  Written by one of our favorite local playwrights, The Sugar is sure to leave you with a high from which you won’t want to come down.

“Stewart is a master” – Fringe Review of Dirty Barbie & Other Girlhood Tales, 2012

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