24/7 2014 Crew

This crew does amazing things that normally take weeks – and they do it all in a day.  We are so lucky – and you will be too when you see the shows — to have this much talent on our crew.  Check them out:

  • Kristin Wenger
  • Chris Baumer
  • Morgan Brophy
  • James Harte
  • Heather Hutton
  • Anne Schelton
  • Bob Button
  • Clams Taylor
  • Amy Goffman
  • Linda Zuby
  • Julie Mignosa
  • Tracie Skipper
  • Joe Monaghan
  • Heddy Hunt
  • Karin Boothe
  • Ernie Reed
  • Charlotte Drummond
  • Cathy Burrier
  • Cathe Comer
  • Tom Raney
  • Melissa Wender
  • Eric Gilchrest
  • Deborah Caudle
  • Kate Monoghan
  • Kristin Baltes
  • Ray Nedzel

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