Crazy Busy Playwrights

Crazy Busy: Information for Playwrights
Crazy Busy: Information for Playwrights
Here’s the challenge for you to kick this thing off in June.
  • a two minute monologue and a one minute play
  • OR
  • a one minute monologue and a two minute play
  • each must be new
  • you must write both a monologue and a play
  • each can be shorter
  • neither can be longer
  • you cannot borrow time from on to give to the other
  • plays can have 2 to 5 characters
  • we promise to use one – we may use both
  • please title each
  • submit by May 16th, via email to as MSWord, Open Office, or PDF.

I’d like for the monologues and plays to be written and re-written (if not re-re-written) before the submission.

  • Then Robert Wray, Peter Gunter, Elizabeth Fuller, Denise Stewart and I will compile the show from the submissions.
  • I will gather an ensemble cast do all the parts in all 33 peices.
  • This will be performed at Live Arts as a companion piece to Addie Horan’s Cry of the Mountain.
  • I will direct the show, and will gladly take the help of fellow directors to work on 4-6 pieces each.  Let me know if interested.
  • Performance dates: June 24th and 25th; Live Arts, Upstage.
  • You, if you write, will get a free ticket to the show.

We may (likely will) ask for rewrites along the way, but naturally you will remain the final say on the text and the owner/copyright owner of the script.  We will use parts, segments and even whole plays as clips and advertising.

I have seen in very short plays – a one shot gimmick. That’s OK, but I say, try not to rely on the gimmick. Raise the stakes, raise the comedy, rewrite the entire script.  Have someone read it back to you.  Why here, why now? I’m not fully sure what the outcome will be but I’d like it to be fun and funny and awesome and reveling and real.

Bring it,

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