ThreePeats, Tripple Threats and Virgins

Next 24/7: Live Arts, Jan 29, 2011
Next 24/7: Live Arts, Jan 29, 2011

Well, well, well… here we are again, doing 24/7 in Charlottesville for the 3rd year in a row.  Which means, that even though our goal is to have half the faces of our talent fresh each year, we still have an elite crew who have repeated or participated in two different ways.

Look for the Code:

  • 3P – Threepeat
  • TT – Triple Threat
  • NR – New to Role
  • V – Virgin

A ThreePeat is a person, only few exist, who with the 24/7, will have performed in the same role (actor, director or playwright) three times.

A Triple Threat is also rare person who will have, with this 24/7, mastered the three roles of actor, director and playwright.

A “New to Role” means that the person is participating in a way they have not yet before participated.

And, a “Virgin” is a person who has never been in 24/7 before.

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