Crazy Busy Actors

We, we, we so excited!  We so excited!

Look at this line up of on stage talent.  Actors for CrazyBusy.  Folks who signed up to perform the plays of local playwrights without even knowing what the plays would be.

Oh, and not just one play, 33 plays in 55 minutes.

Wow.  Doff your hats in respect.

Actors for the Crazy Busy

CrazyBusy Actors:

  • Chris Baumer
  • Clair Chandler
  • Nick Heidershadt
  • Edwina Herring
  • Tim Macnamara
  • Marty Moore
  • Julian Oquendo
  • Angela Kay Pirko
  • Sara Shotwell
  • Miller Murray Susen
  • Napoleon Tavale
  • Katy Walker

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