Crazy Busy Plays June 2011

Well, smack down in the middle of wonderful you’ll find these plays and monologues by 24 locally¬†sourced¬†playwrights.

Crazy Busy: The June 2011 Line up of Plays
Crazy Busy: The June 2011 Line up of Plays

This is the line up, but not necessarily the order for Crazy Busy, June, 2011

  • HUNGER by Angela Pirko
  • EAST SIDE WEST SIDE by Bill Rough
  • BURNT TOAST by Chris Baumer
  • WEIGHTED HANDS by Collier Lumpkin
  • YOUR MOM by Conor Kyle
  • JULIE IN SANTA FE by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
  • MISS UTILITY by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
  • DEATH OF BOOKS by Karen Ratzlaff
  • TRIPLE TALL NO FOAM by Amanda Lewis
  • CUP OF COFFEE by Lance Stewart
  • PINKY’S LAST SHOW by Larry Goldstein
  • DON’T GET OUT MUCH by Mendy St. Ours
  • FLY AWAY by Miller Susen
  • PELICANS by Robert Wray
  • SAMMY by Sara Shotwell
  • SEAL TEAM SEX by Alex Grubbs
  • TAILGATING by Amanda Lewis
  • MEAL PLANNING by Chris Baumer
  • CARRY by Clinton Johnston
  • NEVER THE TWAIN by Elizabeth Feuller
  • DOUBLE STRENGTH by Jenny Mead
  • BOY AND GIRL WITH BOY AND GIRL by Julian Oquendo
  • THE PICK UP ARTIST by Leslie Baskfeild
  • BAD TEETH by Matthew Minnicino
  • FOUR-THREE-LINE PLAYS by the Group
  • MOUTHS OF BABES by Mendy St. Ours
  • THE MAKEOVER by Miller Susen
  • PUPPY LOVE by Peter Gunter
  • HELMET TO HELMET by Ray Nedzel
  • THE QUIZ by Stephen Sossaman



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