24/7 2017 – January 21st!

24/7:  Written overnight.  Rehearsed all Day.  Performed once for you.

Twenty-Four Seven is a theatre festival created in 24 hours.

Let Me Be There by Alex Citron
Let Me Be There by Alex Citron

New every time, it is the cornerstone of Whole Theatre.

Here’s how we do it:

The theatrical artists’ gather on Friday evening.  A theme for the next night’s show is randomly selected from all the given suggestions – it’s literally pulled form a hat.  Then each of the 7 playwrights pull their cast requirements (i.e. 2 woman, 1 man) from the hat, and they pull their special inspirational word from the hat (i.e. Vancouver).  The playwrights write overnight.

Friday night send-off
Friday night send-off

Early Saturday morning, the new 10 minute scripts are finished.  The 7 directors each pull a script (yes, from the hat); and have a hour to confer with the playwright.  All the actors arrive.  Casting is done by each director blindly selecting names (you guessed it, literally, pulled from a hat).  Then, rehearsals begin.  And, the hat is retired.

Saturday day is a full rehearsal process with no time to second guess.  There is a first read through, blocking, memorizing lines, etc.  Simultaneously, lights are focused, sound is mixed, costumes are pinned together, tech, dress, let the audience in.

Saturday night we present a full show of new works – all fully performed and all freshly premiered.  7 new plays all created in the past 24 hours.

Email Ray for more info or to get in on the fun:  Ray@WholeTheatre.org

Or just come to a 24/7 and enjoy all the fun:

Hell in a Handbasket by Miller Susen

24/7 Thank You Poem

How did a bastard orphan whore of a show,
In 24 hours become more of a show?

Well, Mark and Mark brought a new level of caring
On a VHS tape with intimacy sharing
And the Village People were old but not insane
`Cause they picked up pills with their extended grip cane

Then Gutsy Augusta with Matt as a white horse
Turned a Greek Goddess into a modern golf course
While a sterile stud shared everybody’s bed
‘Til Mad Maxine left everybody dead!

Like Olivia Newton-John, she was dead for sure
Until she came back to life for the reunion tour!
Yes, a Has Been intervention? You might well despise.
But how `bout backseat sex to the smell of french fries?
So, what do you want for breakfast? – and please do not ramble
I like Lactaid; and I like my eggs Scrambled!

Talent on stage and is just one part of two
Because we also had the most fantastic crew
The costumes, lights, and sound – the team was tops, you see,
We got to give props to all the amazing properties.

In 24 hours of artistic toe-to-toe,
7 new plays! `Cause we can’t be stopped by snow!
24 hours – you made one amazing show!
It’s 24/7! And, if you don’t know; now you know!


Photos by Kathleen (part 1 of 2): https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByHX5yYtIRKxZ1BlblhxUFd6YVU&usp=sharing

Photos by Kathleen (part 2 of 2): https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByHX5yYtIRKxZTl0SUZrb2YtU2s&usp=sharing


Designers and Crew 24/7 2016

24-7-2016-website-crew24/7 is a full evening in the theatre.  Bang.  That’s true.

And the main reason is this super crew — some brand new, some have been designing with 24/7 since the beginning.   Costumes, Lights, Sound, Set, Props, Running Crew, Stage Management, and everyone is on their game that day.

The designers have about 3 hours to design 7 shows before tech rehearsals begin.  Come see what these freaks of talent can do.

Crew for 24/7 2016 on April 9th at Live Arts:

  • Kristin Wenger
  • Amy Goffman
  • Cathe Comer
  • Chris Estey
  • Daryl Bray
  • Heather Hutton
  • Jim Horstkotte
  • John Holdren
  • Kathleen Mueller
  • Kerry Moran
  • Kristen Heiderstadt
  • Kristin Wenger
  • Larry Goldstein
  • Linda Zuby
  • MIchael Swanburg
  • Ray Nedzel
  • Sarah Cain
  • Sue Horne
  • Tom Raney


Actors 24/7 2016

24-7-2016-website-actorsI think there’s a sign outside of 24/7 this year that reads, “you must be THIS TALENTED to ride this ride.”  Because — look at this list of actors — I would cast any of these over-talented clowns in anything.

And, I guess that makes sense.  Here they are, throwing their hats in the ring to be cast in, well… just about anything.

And, yes, they’re all freakishly tall… I mean, talented.

Actors for twenty-four-seven-two-thousand-sixteen:

  • Alec Beard
  • Allison Bowers
  • Anders Coe
  • Austin Bouchard
  • Broocks Willich
  • Cage Lambert
  • Dan Stern
  • Ike Anderson
  • Kate Perino
  • Kisha Jarrett
  • Kristin Baltes
  • Laura Mawyer
  • Lee Susen
  • Leslie Scott-Jones
  • Liz Howard
  • Marija Reiff
  • Mariko Schaper
  • Miriam Halpern
  • Misty Vrederburg
  • Richard Cooper
  • Shand Macdonald
  • Stewart Moneymaker
  • Tim Read
  • Trina Candia
  • Zoe Farmingdale

Plus, are there a few surprises up our sleeves?  Maybe.

January 23rd @ LIVE ARTS.  Get your tickets now: HERE.


Directors 24/7 2016

24-7-2016-website-direcotrsWhere do all these great directors come from?  It’s a riddle wrapped up in an enigma wrapped in bacon.

If you would like to walk into a theatre at 7am, see a stack of freshly written plays — written by a now exhausted and strung-out playwrights —  pull one at random and be told, “Here, make this work!”  Then the job of Director for 24/7 is the perfect job for you.

Here’s the crazy-talented folks who are doing it at Live Arts on April 9th:

  • Deborah Arenstein
  • Christina Ball
  • Evan Bergman
  • Joseph Bromfield
  • Phil Hurst
  • Kate Lambert

Get your tickets now: HERE.

Playwrights 24/7 2016

24-7-2016-website-playwrightsIf every year we say we have the best playwrights ever, but each year they’re different playwrights, you might ask, how does that work?

A. Each year the playwrights do indeed get better.

B. Each year we all get better.

C. Everything you read on the internet is a lie.

D. All of the above.

You’ll have to come see the shows on April 9th to find out  (buy tickets here).

But, in the mean time, look at this amazing list (our best playwrights ever!):

  • Alex Citron
  • Scott Dunn
  • Shawn Hirabayashi
  • Allen Hoover
  • Mike Long
  • Marty Moore
  • Denise Stewart


24/7 2016 Moves to April

24-7-2016-website-aprilCrap!  You know what’s like, right?  I mean, whatever, right?  All this snow and all this “I can’t drive,” and all this “I ain’t go no power in my house,” and “global warming/global schwarming,” and all this, “Thanks Obama!”


Suffice it to say that people are MAD because there is no 24/7 this January.

Due to winter storm Jonas, 24/7 2016 has been rescheduled for April 9th.  Still same concept.  Still same writers, directors, cast and crew — hopefully all — still no idea what will happen.

This ain’t no April Fools Joke.

See you at Live Arts on the 9th — and hopefully before.

24/7 – 2015 – Welcome Home

Our seventh year did everything but disappoint. We had 7 great plays, directed with precision, and acted with brilliance.

Theme: Welcome Home

The Plays:

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7280-011A Space Odyssey Named Disaster

by Alex Rafala
dir by Erica Arvold
(inspiration: painful)


  • Mary Coy
  • Misty Vrendenburg
  • Kate Lambert

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7291-017We have Finally Taken Action

by Kay Leigh Ferguson
dir by Marty Moore
(inspiration: laughter)


  • Carolyn Demanelis
  • Amanda Watson
  • Anders Coe
  • Rodney Umble

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7300-024Hell Is Other People

by Miller Murray Susen
dir by Bryan Garey
(inspiration: appendix)


  • Lee Susen
  • Jacqueline Ford
  • Dinah Pehrson
  • Martyn Kyle
  • Kathleen Mueller
  • Rodney Umble
  • Trina Candia

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7325-040Free Range

by Joel Jones
dir by Chris Estey
(inspiration: disco)


  • Joseph Bromfield
  • Mariko Schaper
  • Trina Candia

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7363-066Dancin’ Dirty

by Robert Wray
dir by Mary Burruss
(inspiration: bitch)


  • Ike Anderson
  • Michael Swanberg
  • Marshall Camden
  • Rodney Umble

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7389-084Sea Shanty

by Kate Monaghan
dir by Kate Bennis
(inspiration: unsightly)


  • Flavia Ruffner
  • Laura Mawyer
  • Johnny Butcher
  • Trina Candia
  • Roger Ainslie

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7402-092Fun & Games

by Kisha Jarrett
dir by Edward Warwick-White
(inspiration: dance-like)


  • Jaime Kurtz
  • Rose Harper
  • Sean Chandler
  • Derick Williams
  • Sean Michael McCord

Will Kerner Photo-WBK_7353-060With Special Guests: The Tip-Top Twins

  • Tina
  • Tammy

More Photos Here>> 

24/7 2015 Crew

  • 24-7-2015-crewProducer: Ray Nedzel
  • Stage Manager: Kristin Wenger
  • Assistant Director: Chris Baumer
  • ASM: Daryl Bray
  • TD for the Day: Will Slusher
  • Lights: Heather Hutton
  • Light Assist/spot op: Roman Cybak
  • Light Op: Heather Hutton
  • Sound Design: Wren Curtis
  • Sound Design: Felipe Ferro
  • Costumes: Amy Goffman
  • Costumes: Linda Zuby
  • Costume Assistant: Julie Mignosa
  • Props Master: Tracie Skipper
  • Head Running Crew: Fareine Suarez
  • Running Crew: Sarah Cain
  • House Manager: Charlotte Drummond
  • Box Office: Ernie Reed
  • Usher: Cathe Comer
  • Usher: Tom Raney
  • Usher: Alan Farr
  • Concessions: Melissa Wender