Written overnight.  Rehearsed all Day.  Performed once for you.

Twenty-Four Seven is a theatre festival created in 24 hours.  Now in it’s 13th year.

New every time, it is the cornerstone of Whole Theatre.  Keep Making Art.

KICK OFF PARTY! Free! Friday, Jan 26 at 6pm (doors open 5:45)  Come inspire the playwrights with your suggestions and share a the fun at the Jefferson School.

Here’s how we do it:

The theatrical artists’ gather on Friday evening.  A theme for the next night’s show is randomly selected from all the given suggestions – it’s literally pulled form a hat.  Then each of the 7 playwrights pull their cast requirements (i.e. 2 woman, 1 man) from the hat, and they pull their special inspirational word from the hat (i.e. Vancouver).  The playwrights write overnight.

247-2014-latrina-rocksEarly Saturday morning, the new 10 minute scripts are finished.  The 7 directors each pull a script (yes, from the hat); and have a hour to confer with the playwright.  All the actors arrive.  Casting is done by each director blindly selecting names (you guessed it, literally, pulled from a hat).  Then, rehearsals begin.  And, the hat is retired.

Saturday day is a full rehearsal process with no time to second guess.  There is a first read through, blocking, memorizing lines, etc.  Simultaneously, lights are focused, sound is mixed, costumes are pinned together, tech, dress, let the audience in.

Saturday night we present a full show of new works – all fully performed and all freshly premiered.  7 new plays all created in the past 24 hours.

Email Ray for more info or to get in on the fun:  Ray@WholeTheatre.org

Or just come to a 24/7 and enjoy all the fun:

Playwrights for 24-7-24

Don’t get confused. We have the best playwrights. Their challenge is to write a play overnight that will be fully produced the next day. Your treat is to be entertained.

Here’s our line our line up of 7 playwrights for 24/7 on January, 27, 2024 at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.

Ti Ames
Zaharra Colla
Richelle Claiborne
Derick Williams
David Vaughn Straughn
Edward Warwick White
Davey White

There will be a theme randomly generated for the event, and each will get a unique prompt; and a with that, they will set out to write the best play of their lives… overnight.

Then we randomly cast the show with talented actors, directed by wonderful directors and filled with a super production crew.

It’s really kinda magic; it’s theatre; it’s art.

And that’s what we do.

whole theatre presents 24/7 at thet Jefferson School