24/7 Actors 2020

Some of the bravest, or craziest, actors you’ll ever meet. They sign-up to fully rehearsal a random role that doesn’t exist yet in a play that hasn’t yet been written.

But with the talent on stage, listed below in reverse alphabetical order, it all comes together like a… scuba diver ordered from craigslist, or cupid in firefighter boots and a tutu, or the remembered lover of a WWII vet, or free-range parents, or profane monks, or a dentist selling pot, or back-up singers on a deserted island, or… well, you’ll have to come to see how it all works out. But promise you this: you won’t be disappointed. Feb 29 @ 8 @ Live Arts.

The 2020 24/7 actors are:

Virginia Wawner
Lee Susen
Rasheed Robinson
John Rabasa
Browning Porter
Shannon Montague
Deandra McDonald
Laura Mawyer
Stan Marshall
Alanna Mahon
Chante Mack
Matt Lawless
Meg Hoover
Kristen Gleason
Madison Gildersleeve-Price
Chris Estey
Sarah Edwards
Jen Downey
Geen Donovan
Andy Davis
Allie Bush
Christina Ball
Mick Anderson

(in reverse alphabetical order)

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