Actors 24/7 2016

24-7-2016-website-actorsI think there’s a sign outside of 24/7 this year that reads, “you must be THIS TALENTED to ride this ride.”  Because — look at this list of actors — I would cast any of these over-talented clowns in anything.

And, I guess that makes sense.  Here they are, throwing their hats in the ring to be cast in, well… just about anything.

And, yes, they’re all freakishly tall… I mean, talented.

Actors for twenty-four-seven-two-thousand-sixteen:

  • Alec Beard
  • Allison Bowers
  • Anders Coe
  • Austin Bouchard
  • Broocks Willich
  • Cage Lambert
  • Dan Stern
  • Ike Anderson
  • Kate Perino
  • Kisha Jarrett
  • Kristin Baltes
  • Laura Mawyer
  • Lee Susen
  • Leslie Scott-Jones
  • Liz Howard
  • Marija Reiff
  • Mariko Schaper
  • Miriam Halpern
  • Misty Vrederburg
  • Richard Cooper
  • Shand Macdonald
  • Stewart Moneymaker
  • Tim Read
  • Trina Candia
  • Zoe Farmingdale

Plus, are there a few surprises up our sleeves?  Maybe.

January 23rd @ LIVE ARTS.  Get your tickets now: HERE.


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