Three Weeks Loves Cry of the Mountain

Three Weeks is a key source for honest theatre reviews from the Fringe. They gave Cry of the Mountain, the top rating of 5 stars. And, the reviewer came to the show twice.

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Sunday August 14th, 2011 22:34

ED2011 Theatre Review: Cry of the Mountain (Whole Theatre)

Three Weeks - The biggest reviewer at the Edinburgh Festival
Three Weeks - The biggest reviewer at the Edinburgh Festival

The mountains of Appalachia are vanishing into rubble. Adelind Horan brilliantly takes the stories of twelve real people whose lives have in some way been affected by mountaintop removal mining, and turns it into a mesmerisingly emotional piece of theatre.

Slipping effortlessly from one character to the next, Horan unveils a story of exploitation and political frustration that is breathlessly moving in its intensity. Her portrayal of Ed Wiley, a former miner turned activist, brings tears to her own eyes as well as those of the audience and it is heartbreakingly beautiful to watch the power of his story take hold of her with such passion.

‘Cry of the Mountain’ is an unmissable piece of theatre.

Pleasance Courtyard, 3 – 28 Aug, 2.15pm (3.15pm), £7.00 – £8.00, fpp251.
tw rating 5/5

Sections: by Samuel Johnston – ED2011 Theatre Reviews – tw rating 5/5



And just for fun, for those of you not on facebook, here’s Max and Lydia, pickin’ and a flyerin’ in the Courtyard before the show.


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