Coming Soon: Serenity Hill in the Pandemic

Serenity Hill: In the Pandemic Episode One: Let’s Get This Party Started May, 2020

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Written by Larry Goldstein

Produced by Hamner Theater and Whole Theatre

Producer Ray Nedzel

Production Manager Kathleen Mueller

Directors Saunder Boyle, Tovah Close, Boomie Pedersen

Cast (in order of appearance)

Samuel Katz … Kenny Raskin
Allen Katz … Chris Baumer
Ophelia Harris … Ty Daniels
Dr. Michael Kline … Boomie Pedersen
Judge Richard “Clay” Clayton … Joe Monaghan
Betty Lawson … Kate Monaghan
Andrea Clayton … Kiri Gardner
Edwina Franklyn … Abena Foreman Trice
Beatrice Johnson … Meg Hoover
Junebug Jones … Joan Arenstein

Music by Red Flower Lake

Song: Baby Don’t Go
written and performed by Red Flower Lake

Episode Editor
Ray Nedzel

Serenity Hill is a long term assisted living facility, with acute care, memory care and specialty care units, on the east coast of the United States.

Serenity Hill began as a play. Written for the stage. To be performed live on stage.

As a play, it was in development with Hamner Theater until Covid-19 put live performances on hold.

Serenity Hill now finds its debut in a new format with new dialogue, and current events.

Serenity Hill: In the Pandemic is a series of 20 minute episodes, written and produced in real time.

Special Thanks
Deborah Arenstein
Gabriel Goldstein
Charlottesville’s talented Theatre Artists

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