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Hiya again, Ray here.

One of the best things about this wonderful festival we are going to in August, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, AKA THE FRINGE, is that over 2000 shows play each and every day.  The shows are from all over the world.  Therefore it is a chance to take a chance on shows you’ve never seen before and likely will never have a chance to see anywhere else.

Here’s five I know nothing, or very little, about; have not seen before, but am willing to take a chance on this August.
First, as a regular beet, I’ll tell you where you can next see:
DIRTY BARBIE AND OTHER GIRLHOOD TALES — which is this week at Live Arts.

Live Arts Theatre, Charlottesville, VA

Dirty Barbie and other girlhood tales

Live Arts, Charlottesville Virginia
123 East Water Street
June 20-23: 8PM
And there are still tickets available for the super, fancy pants, benefit — the way to see the show, have free drinks, have it catered, have a dance party and see for the first time, 20 minutes of new work by the creator/performer of Dirty Barbie, Dee Dee Stewart.
So, now five more to take a calculated risk on at THE FRINGE:


Hi Kick from Korean at the Fringe

From Korea.  But tell me this, when is the next time you get to see a comedy dance troupe from Korea?   Never.

So, I’d say this by the mere fact of wow, I’ll never have another chance to see comedy dancers and football (soccer) on the same stage — and have the troupe be from Korea — that this is one thing worth the time and the pounds (dollars).
And speaking of dance/physical theatre…

Africa Calling

Africa Calling at the Edinburgh FringeI didn’t get a a chance to take a chance on this troupe last year — they sold out their shows before I could get a ticket. This show says, “The grassroots are back following the success of their sell-out show at the Fringe 2011. Traditional Zimbabwean dance, music, rhythm and song – the greetings reaffirming friendship and warmth of community. In Africa everyone is almost related to someone, and meeting family is a cause for celebration! Grassroots brings a vibrant fusion of irresistible movement and beautiful melodies, giving a life-enhancing experience of the culture and exuberance of Zimbabwe. Grassroots is a theatre-for-development company from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, specializing in using dance, drama and music for positive change, aiming to reduce poverty through education.”
So while I’m dancing….


Cadillac from Poland at the Edinburgh FringeFrom Poland.  Which I have a soft spot for, having great-grandparents from the motherland, and having never seen a bad show at the Fringe that was from Poland.  I don’t think this will be the first.
Read about it: “The performance is a lottery show, similar to the Wheel Of Fortune, where you can win the main prize. The rules are simple – everyone who buys a ticket and takes part in the lottery has a chance to win the Cadillac. Is this a fair game? Would you ask such questions when there is a priceless and attractive Cadillac within your grasp? Cadillac is a performance about the blind lust for wealth, love, power and other attributes associated with happiness. A work about the ‘money-grabbers’ who know how to generate this demand and use it to serve their own purposes.”
Maybe next week I’ll feature all shows from/about Poland. But for now let’s stick with dance/physical theatre….

Hang Man

Hangman at the Edinburgh Festival FringeI saw these cats in 2007 on the recommendation of John Gibson, a Fringe/Theatre guru.  This may be my first choice for dance/physical theatre since I was blown away by their performance then.
“The legendary Do-Theatre, one of the most influential experimental theatre companies to emerge from post-Communist Russia, returns with one of the must see Fringe First winners from 2007. Hangman is a game and the personage in one. A trinity of the damned – the blind, deaf and dumb – performs a dance macabre of crime and punishment where the roles of victim and executioner are constantly swapped. It’s a fusion of theatrical and dance form, combines elements from the Theatre of the Absurd and contemporary dance. The naivety of clown farce is enriched by the charming use of Black Humour.”
Well, one last recommendation today, and that leaves dance and goes to puppetry.

Sammy J and Randy — The Inheritance.

Sammy J and Randy with the Inheritance at the FringeThese two have become over the years, Fringe perennial favorites.   Funny irreverent multi media ventriloquism.
“Now, a brand new adventure from everyone’s favourite multi award-winning, toe-tapping, song-singing, Hep-C-riddled duo! When Randy discovers he is heir to an enormous fortune, he seeks to reclaim his rightful throne. Will Sammy J stand in his way? Probably. Winners of Best Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Creators of the 2011 Fringe hit Ricketts Lane. ‘The best skinny-man purple puppet double act in the world right now’ ( ‘Sammy J and Heath McIvor are fiendishly talented writers and performers’ (Scotsman)”
Well, that’s 5.  A few chances.  A few promises.  Check them out.  Of course after scheduling your trip to see Dirty Barbie at Assembly Hall.
More choice choices next week.

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