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This is Ray here, and I want to start telling you about some great shows to see (5 shows at a time – other than, of course the show you must see, Dirty Barbie) as we work our way through the summer toward August in Edinburgh.

Amy Smackhouse - SuperClaw

Well, wait, not 5 shows: 6 shows, and a fundraiser.  Because before you do anything else, you need to buy a ticket to the First Ever Nation Ladies Arm Wrestling Championship:  SUPER CLAW.  It all started here in Charlottesville, Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell and a cast of crazy, talented, artistic, community leading women.


Well, first, I know that not everyone can make it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the worlds largest theatre festival with over 22-Hundred shows to see each day.
Selection can be tough; opportunity cost can be high.  So, why not catch Dirty Barbie as she prepares to go to Scotland.   Next lucky dates/times/places are:

Live Arts Theatre, Charlottesville, VA

Dirty Barbie and other girlhood tales

Live Arts, Charlottesville Virginia
123 East Water Street
June 20-23: 8PM

Well, while we’re on Live Arts, here’s other show number 1 to check out:

Jane Scatena and Strickly Taboo

1. Jane Scatena and the Big Band, Strictly Taboo

What’s great about this show?  Well, Jane and the Band to name two.  Jane played Drowsy, in the Virginia premiere of The Drowsy Chaperon and was fantastic.   Her big band swings like mad cats.  AND, with your ticket you get a FREE Swing Dance Lesson from the best Swing Dance Teacher in Charlottesville, Kristin Wenger.  Just go to the link above for more info.
OK on to the Fringe.

Camille O'Sullivan, Fringe 2012

2. Camille O’Sullivan: Channeling

I have seen Camille the past three years at the Fringe and she is fantastic.  Last year she was performing right beside us.  (Of course we were in one of the smallest theatres and she was in one of the biggest).  Camille brings a sultry vampy Kurt Weil meets Kurt Cobain energy to her show.  She’s a wonderful singer who turns it, and the audience, on.

Daniel Kitson3. Daniel Kitson: Where Once Was Wonder by Daniel-Kitson

Daniel Kitson is likely one of the best writer/story tellers of our generation.   I have seen his new show yet, but you know I will.  He’s a stand up comedian, yes.  He’s a man of passion, yes.  He’s got life’s big picture and life’s small nuance, yes.   In each of his previous shows I have laughed out load with the entire audience and left truly move by his words.
Speaking of Laughing, you want to laugh?

Jason Byrne - People's Puppeteer4. Jason Byrne: People’s Puppeteer

Jason Byrne is an Irish comedian who I have only seen live twice.  He packs the house – often very big houses – and somehow manages to make the audience feel at home, like it’s just a small show in your living room.  He’s funny, cause he talking to a new group each night.  Promise you laugh.
And why not stick with funny men who handle themselves on stage so professionally.

Jimmy Carr5. Jimmy Carr: Gagging Order

Jimmy looks and acts like a complete gentleman, and he has also told the most offensive joke in history.  You’ll have to Google it to find out, unless they have removed it.  He’s funny, and if you’re from England you know, but if like me you’re from America, you likely haven’t heard of him.  Well, it’s a Google world, so find out for your self and go see Jimmy.
Well, there are shows to see.  5 more next Sunday.  And, even though I love comedy, and Denise’s show is very funny.  Next week: Something different.
See you in the theatre.

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