24/7 Directors 2020

24/7! Look at the bounty of talent taking on the unsung hero role of 24/7, the director! They don’t know the play, the don’t know the roles, they don’t pick the actors — yet somehow they bring the plays from this chaos to the best night you’ll have in the theatre this year! The directors for 24/7 2020 are:

Kelli Shermeyer
Dawn Schimke
Tim Read
Pat Owen
Michelle Marjorin
Chris Kelly
David Domkoski

24/7 Actors 2020

Some of the bravest, or craziest, actors you’ll ever meet. They sign-up to fully rehearsal a random role that doesn’t exist yet in a play that hasn’t yet been written.

But with the talent on stage, listed below in reverse alphabetical order, it all comes together like a… scuba diver ordered from craigslist, or cupid in firefighter boots and a tutu, or the remembered lover of a WWII vet, or free-range parents, or profane monks, or a dentist selling pot, or back-up singers on a deserted island, or… well, you’ll have to come to see how it all works out. But promise you this: you won’t be disappointed. Feb 29 @ 8 @ Live Arts.

The 2020 24/7 actors are:

Virginia Wawner
Lee Susen
Rasheed Robinson
John Rabasa
Browning Porter
Shannon Montague
Deandra McDonald
Laura Mawyer
Stan Marshall
Alanna Mahon
Chante Mack
Matt Lawless
Meg Hoover
Kristen Gleason
Madison Gildersleeve-Price
Chris Estey
Sarah Edwards
Jen Downey
Geen Donovan
Andy Davis
Allie Bush
Christina Ball
Mick Anderson

(in reverse alphabetical order)

24/7 Playwrights 2020

O, we search high, and, well, higher. Each year 24/7 features a diversity of brash, new, young, hungry playwrights and returning veteran writers. We’re super happy with our 2020 talented scribes. It all starts here, writing the plays overnight, for the world’s fastest theatre festival, 24/7. Feb. 29, 2020 @ 8Pm @ Live Arts

Kate Bennis
Austin Bouchard
Nick Heiderstatd
Edwina Herring
Nauder Namaky
Leslie Scott-Jones
Priyanka Shetty

Tickets On Sale

Announcing FAITH: The Gospel According to George Michael

FAITH: The Gospel According to George Michael is in development for performances in the spring, summer, and fall of 2020.

FAITH features Dr. Rev. Johnny Goodlove and his 1980s-style televangelism bringing you hope, love and faith with readings from the gospel (the album), sing-a-longs, testifying, healing, storytelling, call and responses — and his personal journey to accepting George Michael as his personal lord and savor.

Is there faith? What is faith? Who needs faith? Dr. Rev. Goodlove preaches and teaches that all the answers you need can be found in the lyrics of the 1987 Grammy Award Winning, Platinum Selling, and Breakout Solo Album FAITH by Wham! co-founder George Michael.

More info: contact us here

24/7 2019 Actors

actors for 24/7 2019

Does it take a cast of thousands? Is a picture worth a thousand words? Come to see 24/7 and figure it out.

When you do you will see the fabulousness of these actors, each talented in at least a thousand ways.

  • Andy Davis
  • Barbara Roberts
  • Browning Porter
  • Christina Ball
  • Gwyneth Sholar
  • James Sanford
  • Jen Bottas
  • Jessie Connover
  • Joseph French
  • Julia Robertson
  • Kate Mohnahan
  • Kiri Gardner
  • Lee Susen
  • Liz Howard
  • Mendy St. Ours
  • Michael Swanberg
  • Mick Anderson
  • Mimi Helpern
  • Nauder Namaky
  • Nick Heiderstatd
  • Steph Finn

24/7 2019 Directors

Exit. Stage Left, even!

It takes pure theatrical wisdom to direct a play you’ve never seen before, with actors who didn’t audition, and a design team working on 6 other plays simultaneously and do it in less than a day! These are just the wild, willing, and wise leaders who will do it on March 2nd at Live Arts in 24/7.

  • Deborah Arenstein
  • Jess Miller
  • Julian Close
  • Larry Goldstein
  • Leslie Scott-Jones
  • Pat Owen
  • Tim Read

Come see their brilliant handy work. Tickets here.

24/7 2019 Playwrights Announced

Who wrote the book of love? Don’t know. What we do know is who will write the plays we love… in 24/7 2019.

Look at this crazy-talented-line up of playwrights.

  • Chris Estey
  • Edwina Herring
  • Miller Murray Susen
  • Savanah Hard
  • Scott Dunn
  • Sean McCord
  • Ray Smith

So join us on March 2nd at 8 PM at Live Arts to see what you love! 

Learn More about 24/7 here.



24/7 2019 – March 2 at Live Arts


Written overnight.  Rehearsed all Day.  Performed once for you.

Twenty-Four Seven is a theatre festival created in 24 hours.

New every time, it is the cornerstone of Whole Theatre.

Here’s how we do it:

The theatrical artists’ gather on Friday evening.  A theme for the next night’s show is randomly selected from all the given suggestions – it’s literally pulled form a hat.  Then each of the 7 playwrights pull their cast requirements (i.e. 2 woman, 1 man) from the hat, and they pull their special inspirational word from the hat (i.e. Vancouver).  The playwrights write overnight.

247-2014-latrina-rocksEarly Saturday morning, the new 10 minute scripts are finished.  The 7 directors each pull a script (yes, from the hat); and have a hour to confer with the playwright.  All the actors arrive.  Casting is done by each director blindly selecting names (you guessed it, literally, pulled from a hat).  Then, rehearsals begin.  And, the hat is retired.

Saturday day is a full rehearsal process with no time to second guess.  There is a first read through, blocking, memorizing lines, etc.  Simultaneously, lights are focused, sound is mixed, costumes are pinned together, tech, dress, let the audience in.

Saturday night we present a full show of new works – all fully performed and all freshly premiered.  7 new plays all created in the past 24 hours.

Email Ray for more info or to get in on the fun:  Ray@WholeTheatre.org

Or just come to a 24/7 and enjoy all the fun:


thank you poem, 24/7 2018

Each 24/7 is unique and needs, dare I says wins, its own personal thank you.  Here is 2018, a thank-you poem (full or in-jokes) to the artists who made it happen:

Last night was a product of your love and your care
I admire your passion and the talent you share
I miss you already, I hate when it ends
Artists I say, make the best friends.

The dating game was just like money in the bank
The contestants unaware, and the winner was Frank
Then a woman alone talked with a fork and knife,
Until scuba-diving Perry brought love to her life

Soccer friends, on Halloween, in costumes were dressed
Till one jumped from a bridge thinking she was possessed
And a date, what a date, in a garden in our venue
With a hipster couple and a trickster-chef”s menu

Proud parents with children, well wouldn’t you know
They fought to the death! Then one baby read Poe.
Yes, Mr. Whiskers felt lonely, but let’s not be stupid
Sometimes we need help from Pat dressed as Cupid

And in Hollywood, three writers who started from zero,
Proved what we all know, every woman’s a hero
Plus a dance break surprise to watch and to listen,
It was West Coast Swing from your stage manager Kristin

Our designers were amazing!  So I say, Hey Team,
Thank you for the gift of 24/7 ‘18.